Photo 1:

So, people have asked for a how to video of making those printed diapers, and I have decided to go for photos instead. Why? Because I’m not as cute as the people who requested it and I don’t want to scare anyone! 

So, things you will need to make these:

A plastic table cloth - They can be picked up at the local supermarket in the kids party section, or failing that Ebay usually has a range of them. Personally, white plastic with stars/patterns works best. I prefer the spaceships ones out of the ones I’ve tried, but your call. 

Spray adhesive - Probably available in most hardware stores or Walmart etc, or again Ebay will probably have some.

A diaper - You can apply this to cloth diapers too, if your trying to replace the lost plastic.

A scalpel or some scissors.

A grownup to do the cutting.

Photo 2:

So I am using a 3 fold diaper. Unfold the first layer, and spray the top section (Coloured in red) with the spray adhesive. Make sure to go all the way to the top of the diaper front. Give it a few seconds to dry a little,  and then…

Photo 3:

Lay out the plastic sheet, making sure to orientate any pattern up the right way so your diaper doesn’t look upside down. this is best done on a flat solid surface, such as the floor. a soft surface will make the final plastic all wrinkly. Place the glued section face down onto the top edge of the plastic sheet, making sure you leave enough space either side to fold out the wings later.

Photo 4:  

Spray the top of the diaper, coloured in red, give it a moment to dry and then unfold it backwards onto the plastic sheet.

Photo 5: 

Repeat the spray process with the coloured in are for the back of the diaper.

Photo 6: 

With all of the main body stuck down, unfold the side wings of the diaper, coloured in red, and apply glue to these. When laying these down, make sure to stretch our the leg gathers to lay them as flat as possible. The plastic layer on most diapers is made from a single piece of material so it should lay flat! Repeat the process on both sides. You should then have a perfectly flat diaper on top of the plastic sheet. If anything around the edges is loose, or the plastic is not sticking right, spray a little more spray glue between them, wait a few seconds then stick it down.

Photo 7/8:

Cut around the plastic sheet as close to the diaper as possibly. If you leave too much space, you will just have loads of plastic flapping about after. I guess if you have really missed plastic diapers that might appeal…

Photo 9:

And your done! 

The downside, perhaps, is that these is that the plastic will be a little thicker and stiffer, and they are pretty noisy when you move. But, they can be damned adorable :-) Good luck! 

Daddy i wanna do this!


I’ve just crossed back into Canada after spending the last few days in Seattle for my first(but definitely not last) Abdulia. This was my first time meeting other abdl’s and it was extremely hard for me to leave.
I did want to extend an apology to a gentleman who approached me at Public Market….

I miss you and I can’t wait till we get to hang out again. *cries some myself*

letting go

letting go



My baby girl just made the biggest messy ever! o: what a naughty baby!
Part 3
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Wow. That IS a big mess, and she’s gorgeous! I just don’t like it when the nappy fails at its job. Sometimes, I’m irritated that my mind works this way. Really, this picture set should have made me need to clean the ceiling.

Pushing. Then feeling the big bulging mess in her nappy




big poopy

Mmm!!! This this this!! It bulges then goes back in a little!! So fn hot - sorry I’m a bad dirty girl

I can’t help it. I like it


I messed it completely while i was out shopping. So emberassing. Anybody wants to change it?

I would love to change your diaper!


I messed it completely while i was out shopping. So emberassing. Anybody wants to change it?

I would love to change your diaper!